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Do Not Fall Online

Are you having a hard time falling asleep at night? Do you find yourself staying awake all night long because your mind is too active thinking about tomorrow and your upcoming day? If so, then this game “Not Falling” may be just what you need. In this game, you will use your logical and scientific reasoning skills to identify whether or not objects rise above the ground. Make sure you don’t fall into this challenging yet entertaining logic game by adding some fun animations, fun sounds, and music as well as a beautiful and colorful nighttime theme. Can you complete all the levels in this fun Children’s game before the end of the night? —game description— Avoiding obstacles is not easy, especially when there are sharp edges that are always close at hand. That's why playing an obstacle avoidance game like "Not Falling" can be such a challenge. You have to think logically and use your logical thinking skills to avoid obstacles while maintaining accuracy in identifying whether objects rise above the ground. If you succeed, great; if not, then this isn't one for you! -What Does The Game Get Into- This children's physics puzzle game has it all: action, adventure, humor, and physics! Think of it as "Not Falling" with more challenging levels, awesome graphics, and physics-based obstacles that keep coming one after another! 

Online. You know, the ‘real’ world? The one with people and things and consequences? The one where you can’t just go wherever you want, do whatever you want, whenever you want? Yeah, that’s the real world. Learning to avoid falling online is a tricky game. As much as you might try your hardest not to fall into the digital abyss, it can happen. Even the strongest of us can get tripped up from time to time. Whether you’re a child looking for an excuse to stay home from school or an adult looking for a new way to pass your evenings, avoiding falling online can be challenging. 

An arcade game where you have to avoid falling into a trap placed at regular intervals! The game is played with two players: each takes it upon himself to find a way out of the maze. 

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Using Mouse

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