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Fall Boys And Girls

You know how it goes, you’re playing a video game, and all of the sudden, your internet connection goes down or your phone runs out of battery? You don’t have to worry about that with Solo: A Star Wars Story. A new character comes into play and you need to complete a set amount of levels in order to complete the story. If you get stuck somewhere along the way, there are checkpoints that let you go back and try again until you get it right. Are there any challenges or Bonus Levels for solo players? Well, yes! There are challenges for solo players on every single level so get ready to do some good old-fashioned side-scrolling running and shoot ’em-up solving. If you’re looking for something more challenging than traditional platforming games, check out the solo-player mode as that’s all this game has going for it. Solo player mode is what we like to call ‘Run & Gun’ gaming as you run around shooting everything that moves, much like most Run And Gun games. You might think that this genre isn’t all that popular anymore but run ‘n gun is one of the best genres ever invented because it brings so many fun activities into one game with just one simple mechanic. 

Run, boy, run! You are a ballerina in a fairy tale ballet. Your solo performance is the most important night of your life. But things can go wrong at the final rehearsal. The assistant coach has dramatically cut your numbers. The Prince has left the production and decided to choreograph another work instead. Now there’s only you and the Prince standing between you and an empty stage. You must manually hip all 16 girls onto the stage one by one and then get them into their correct dancing positions before they start taking off their shoes.

Are you a BOSS or a boy? You choose. In this game, the rules are simple: You’re either the boss or the boys. Each of these sections is based on a different type of man. How would you like to be a superior leader, a successful gambler, or even have some success as a girl? All you need to do is follow the rules and prove yourself against other players in this epic race. The runners who complete the entire course first will be the boss and get to pick which team they want to be on. It’s that simple! If you’re ready to make your mark as the boss and prove yourself as one of the best racers in town then join our official matchmaking tournament!

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