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So you like running? Well, this is for you! Race against the clock as fast as you can to collect all the stars and complete the level. Make it through each level with as few mistakes as possible. Run Like The Wind is a game about Falling As Fast As You Can, Collecting Stars To Get To The Top Of The Leaderboard Is Everything In This Veryaddictive Runner! – RUN LIKE THE WIND gives you a fun twist on the running game. Your character starts off as a baby in a running race and must run as fast as they can without falling into holes or getting tired. They only have a limited amount of runs to get used to moving quickly and jumping over obstacles. 

You are a runner in a dark forest. You have to avoid falling trees and obstacles as fast as you can. Make sure to jump on low branches to increase your height and prevent yourself from going over the edge. Use WASD or arrow keys to run, left and right arrows to jump, v or b to fall, k to stop, and space bar to slide down more than one tree at the same time Try not to get too tired or you won’t be able to run as fast next time! Have Fun!

A FUN Run-A-Thon for DogGIFTS! Help Cupid and his friends pass obstacles to run, jump and fall as fast as they can. Use the arrow keys to run, the Z key to cycle through characters, and taps to fall. Have fun and happy running! Features - - Animated falling characters - Simple and challenging levels - Optimized for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch - Google map support For support. 

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Using Mouse and Keyboard

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