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Fall Guys Runner : Mobile

In this game, you are a guy who can’t leave the basement for fear of getting caught. The only way out is by tricking the people above ground into falling for you. This would be easier said than done but with a little bit of practice and some good luck, you might just pull it off! The objective is simple: Trick as many people as possible and watch them fall for your trap. Each time someone falls, your score increases. If they’re not the last person to fall then everyone will know that you were here! It all comes down to how smart you are and if your luck holds out until the very end. 

Enter the world of rushing, jumping, and falling as you navigate through a city scarred by crime and corruption. Choose your path, Run or Jump over obstacles as you try to stay alive. Your goal is simple: don’t hit anything, stay in the air and make it to the end of each level. Sounds easy right? Not if you’re a fall guy who has been hired to help clean up the streets. Every level is full of nasty traps with no way out except maybe death! It’s not uncommon for these guys to hit a few walls until they get it right but that’s what makes them great!

Run and jump as a guy who can’t keep his balance. Reach the end of the level without failing to complete it. In this game, you will fall many times but don’t worry because there are a lot of levels waiting for you to finish them all! 

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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