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Fallerzio is a free and fun 3d action game. You are the last hero of humanity, alone in the world. Only you can stop the fall of mankind. To do that, you’ll need to guide a rag-tag team of survivors through dozens of thrilling levels as they fight to stay alive. It’s a simple premise, but in This one there’s so much depth to explore. The game follows the same basic mechanics as most action platformers: jump on enemies to defeat them, collect power-ups, avoid falling rocks and spikes, and more. The one big difference here is that you play as one of four distinct characters with unique abilities - each with its own set of abilities you can use strategically to overcome obstacles or overcome enemies in different ways.

This amazing game is a 3D platform game app created by io Games in the games app store. It is a counterpart of io’s classic games series and is available for all android devices. The game has 9 challenging levels which are filled with hidden objects, secret doors, and traps. You need to use your brain as well as your feet to find the way out of each level. 

In this game, you will be a Dragon slaying with a sword. Stay in the red area and don’t let the dragon get to you. The more dragons you slay, the more points you get. Why play when you can play??? Instructions: Use your mouse and keep clicking on the enemy to kill it. Make it fall or do not let it near the edge of the screen to score points.

How to play

Using Mouse

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