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Om Nom: Run

You are a sweet little mouse. You love sweets, and you especially love candy! You spend all your free time searching for the sweetest treats around. One day, while exploring an abandoned house, you stumble upon a strange machine. Inside, you see dozens of pink sweets lined up next to each other. They all look delicious, so you take one to eat later. Then another until you’ve eaten them all! Now that the machine has fed you a constant supply of sweets, you have no need for anything else again. That is until It seems someone has locked the door to this room and hidden all the keys somewhere in this house… Who could it be? Is it hiding amongst us right now? It’s time we found out! Your sense of smell is acute enough to track down whomever it is. 

Welcome to Om Nom Run! It's a cute and challenging running game where you have to collect sweets while avoiding dangerous obstacles. Try to avoid spikes, blades, holes, and other nasty traps that are there to make your life miserable. Help the little guy reach the finish line before he gets squashed by an enormous boulder or eaten by an angry hedgehog! How To Play: - Touch anywhere on the screen to start. - Avoid dangers: spikes, blades, holes, etc. - Search for sweets: candy canes, lollipops, and ice creams. 

Om Nom is a sweet little guy who loves to run. He just can’t seem to stay in one place, though. If he sees an opening in the ground, he’ll creep through it. If he spots an overhead branch, he’ll squeeze under it instead of taking his chances on the other side. And if he comes across a patch of grass, you know that means there must be something hiding underneath! 

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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