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Run Fall Beans

Fall beans are ready, but not at the bean vendor. There’s a mystery on the loose and you, as the player character, have been summoned to end it! But where to go? The answer is simple: Run! Jump! and Action! Your journey will take you through 5 unique 3D worlds filled with action-packed fun. You’ll run and jump your way through levels filled with obstacles and thieves. With a variety of weapons including swords, guns, wrenches, and even a bunch of cool items like bean bags and mines, there is no shortage of ways to take out your enemies. Choose from 16 different characters in a variety of combat styles (tactics) or explore the world freely without stakes. In our test playthroughs, we found only one difficulty that was too easy for our tastes -- this will be adjustable via new optional game settings. Each world has its own theme so you won’t get lost in the forest or get stuck in an endless maze. Don’t worry about being scared silly -- each level offers many laughs thanks to over-the-top dialogue and hilarious bumbling villains. 

This game is so fun! It’s the perfect combination of action and adventure. You play Joan, a girl who just can’t seem to catch a break. She’s constantly getting in trouble at school and at home, and she seems to be going through some really bad phases right now. Luckily, her best friend Mike comes to visit for the weekend. When he finds out that her parents are out of town, he decides to stay with his friends Bob and Irene instead! They have a little farm outside of town where they grow all their own food. The four of them get along great and make the best games together. This week Joan gets a new game idea… Let’s play CACTUS

Do you have what it takes to run? If not, then you’ll need to train harder than ever before in this action-packed arcade runner game. Get ready for a run through various obstacle courses and races as fast as possible! That’s right, this game isn’t just about jumping, dashing, and dodging your way through daily life situations; this is an experience you can play with friends or at home, and it will require every ounce of your skill.

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